We’re proud of our humble beginnings. In 2019, the first modern Grocers World store opened in Wakad, Pune. Grocer World is India’s pioneering Grocery destination present through physical retail stores, online portal (https://www.grocersworld.com) and a mobile application available on the play store. Our footprint currently extends to one store in Wakad, Pune only with 7000 products portfolio ranging from fresh Fruits and Vegetables, varieties of packaged products, Beverages, meat, baked goods and household products.

High quality, Low prices, Hassle-free shopping that gets you in and out. A product assortment and store layout that’s refreshingly simple, yet full of surprises to discover at every visit. We’re revolutionizing grocery shopping offline & online. We have a less complicated process that allows us to simply deliver low prices, high quality, and the best shopping experience for our customers.

Our mission is to offer customers the highest Quality of fresh Fruits and Vegetables, varieties of packaged products, Beverages, meat, baked goods and household products at the lowest possible prices.

Our Principles and Values

As an Indian company, we are aware of our size and public visibility. We respect the variety of cultures and recognize the diversity of their values and traditions. Our work is characterized by the following company principles:

  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
  • Best quality for the lowest price possible determines our position in the market.
  • As an efficient company, we work according to defined processes and procedures.
  • Our success is ensured by short decision paths and simple work processes.
  • We grow through development and continuous improvement in our stores – we believe success is never final.
  • In our daily activities we make sure to abide by the law and internal policies.
  • We are an economically, socially and environmentally responsible company.
  • We respect and encourage each other.
  • Agreements are upheld in an atmosphere of trust.
  • Recognition, acknowledgment and constructive feedback determine the operating environment in our daily work.
  • We foster an environment for leadership growth to ensure continuous success.

Why Grocers World

If you are looking to save a few hours a week and get rid of some unnecessary stress, switch from supermarket shopping in person to grocery home delivery. With grocery home delivery, all of your favourite items are delivered to you quickly. You won’t need to travel to the supermarket, you don’t need to walk around the aisles and you don’t need to pay right away. Simply choose what you need and we will take care of the rest.

There is no denying that walking around the supermarket is a time consuming task. Not only do you have to find time to travel to and from the shop, but you have to factor in finding all of the items and queuing to pay. If you happen to go at a busy time, a simple trip to the supermarket can take hours. This is why grocery home delivery is becoming extremely popular. At Grocers World, we offer a fantastic grocery home delivery service. You can order everything online, from the comfort of your own home. Then, we deliver it to you in a timely manner. Though there are a fair few other options when it comes to grocery home delivery, we are confident in our ability to provide an unmatched service. To find out more, get in touch or sign up to Grocers World

It’s Quick, Easy and Straightforward - Shopping at Grocers World is quick, easy and straightforward. Regardless of whether you are buying a few things or the entire weekly or monthly shop, it won’t take much time at all. Simply browse the products list, fill your basket and check out.